My 5 year old Keatkeat has been so excited lately about his first molar.
“Mommy, I’ve got new teeth… See?!?! Ahhhh….. Can you see it? Ahhhh….. It’s coming out! Ahhhhh….. This side (right) and this side (left). Ahhhh…..”

Today, a different sentence, “Mommy!!! My teeth is shaking!” A face full of excitement with an index finger shaking his Lower Central Incisors vigorously.

“Mommy, I am a bit scared. Because when I bite food now, these 2 teeth (Shaky Central Incisors) are painful and my gums become painful…

But I am more excited than scared to see my new teeth because I can bite bigger things and harder things. So when Mommy? When will my teeth drop?! I’m sooooooo excited!!! “

“It just might be tomorrow… We shall see!”

“Yippee!!! This is soooooooo exciting!”