Due to the upcoming band performance, niece was able to bring the school’s trumpet home for self-practice.
She was too shy to ‘blow‘ the entire song for us and ended up teaching my inquisitive hubby how to blow the trumpet.
It was hilarious!!!

 photo trumpetfun1_zpscb948845.jpg

 photo trumpetfun2_zpsc5db928f.jpg

 photo trumpetfun3_zps0e7f9a81.jpg

 photo trumpetfun4_zps30fdff84.jpg

 photo 20140601_170053_zpse7973b3d.jpg

Among the ones who tried putting their lips on that ‘loud‘ instrument, no one did as good a job as Kitkit in the first attempt!!!
It was on tune!!!
Kitkit was Amazing!
Now he has an additional option for future CCA! Yeah!
However, niece said that Kitkit should not puff up his cheeks.

 photo trumpetfun5_zps98a0375f.jpg

 photo trumpetfun6_zps61c3eee6.jpg

 photo trumpetfun8_zpsd8114021.jpg

 photo trumpetfun7_zps37e1d215.jpg

Allan and I: “Why no puffing of cheeks?”
ZY : “Its ugly.” (She repeated what the teacher said)

Allan and I: “That’s the ONLY reason?!”
ZY : “Ya!”

Oh well.
I must say that its so much easier to blow the trumpet with puffed-up-cheeks than a sunken one.

Nonetheless, those ‘noisy’ minutes gave each of us a fare share of smiles and laughter!

Trumpety-Fun with Niece