It is so easy to get frustrated while teaching your child to understand a concept or simply to comprehend a Mathematics problem sum. Even after explaining more than three times to your child and he or she still remains clueless will definitely add oil to the fire.

“Why are you so stupid!”
“This is so simple. So easy. Why your stupid brain cannot understand?!”

To me, the word ‘stupid‘ is a terrible insult to any human being and its worse when its used on your child.

My believe is always :
“Your Child Is Not Stupid,
Its You Who Does Not Know How To Teach Effectively.”

That is a constant reminder to me too whenever Keatkeat does not understand what I am trying to explain. Then again, I am very blessed that I hardly have to deal with this issue, rather I have more problems with his lack of concentration and forgetfulness.

I gave tuition during my school days to my peers. My students’ parents would usually highlight their child’s weaker subjects and followed by some awful remarks about their child’s level of intelligence. *sigh*

All parents should be more considerate towards your child’s feelings than the ‘A’s on that piece of paper.

Anyhow over the years, I realised that the mistake which most parents make is repetition.
Using the same way, same words, same style to explain the same thing. If you keep doing the same thing, how do you expect to get different results?!

Yes, they just keep repeating and after 3 to 4 times of repetition, they started yelling, “Why are you so stupid?! This is so easy! I have explained so many times, how come you still don’t understand?!”

Oh please!
If your child is unable to understand after your first explanation, what makes you think that by repeating the same words over again would make any difference?!

If first attempt to explain has failed, then the second approach must be totally different. If that fails too, then the third approach must be more far-stretched than the first and second explanation and so on.
That is how it should be done, instead of insulting your child.

I believe this one week school holiday would be a time for most parents to drill their kids on revision, in preparation for the final year examination after the short break is over.

So please, while you teach your child, stay away from saying hurting words, rather focus on improving your teaching skills. When you are able to teach effectively, it will help your child to have better understanding and prevent you from reaching your ‘boiling point’.

While study may seem important, do remember to balance this school holiday with play time too! Cheers! Happy School Holidays!