10.35am – 10.40am:

“Good Morning Mummy” he said
I smiled and hugged him

Still cozy in his bed
The recently turned 7 year old boy licked his shaky tooth
“Ooo..its really loose” I exclaimed
“If it falls when you are in school, remember to wrap it in a tissue and bring it home.”

He did not want to wait
He wanted to make it happen

Twisting and turning the tip of his tongue,
He pushed outward
He pulled inward
He did it again twice…

Photobucket…and popped!

the little pearl rested on his tongue
as he stretched it out with pride.

Yeah! It fell.
And I was there to witness it all!
*clap clap clap*






Tooth Fairy flew by
Saw that cute 1-tooth-lesser face snoozing away
Slowly lifted his pillow
Left a golden coin under
and kissed him good night
His eyebrows twitched
but his mind continued to sleep




His New Look!



Then there were two (packets)...

Tooth Fairy visited Binbin for the First Time