Kids invent and play some of the weirdest games imaginable…..

It was bed time, but both boys were still as active as gymnasts on steroids. Well, Binbin started it. Both were lying on their mattresses. Binbin tlited his bum towards his elder brother’s face and said “Poooooob”.

Keatkeat retailated and tried to give his younger brother a taste of his own medicine; but he exceeded his judgement and his bum was right ON Binbin’s face! Before he even mouth the word “Pooooooob”, he actually FARTED Into His 5 year-old Brother’s nostrils!!!

BINBIN GAGGED immediately!!!

Wah Biang!!! I pretend to fart on your face, but you REALLY FART on my face and let me smell ah!!! SO SMELLY!!!”  Binbin gagged again.

Keatkeat could not stop laughing and apologising at the same time “I didn’t mean it. *giggle* I’m sorry *giggle* Sorry lah…..*giggle* “

*Huge Laugh*