We will have birds coming to rest on our window ledge every now and then, its pretty common for us.

However, this is the first time, one of them chose to give us a ‘personal touch’!

This was how it all happened……


Birdie flew in and hubby started snapping photos of it.

Usually birds will start flying away whenever we do that, but this time was different.

It stayed composed and POSED for the camera. *giggle*

Hubby started to close the windows so that the kids would be able to run out from their room, in time to take a good photo with it.
 photo birdie1_zps721e1358.jpg
After the satisfied shot, we opened the windows and stood by to wait for it to take flight, but it didn’t.

Instead of moving out of my house, it MOVED IN !!!!
 photo 20140607_142655_zpse6d61364.jpg
 photo 20140607_143003_zpsb123eabb.jpg


And we continued to wait…….
But it still stayed put on my washing machine….
So Binbin decided to take a photo with the birdie AS IF it was on his head……

 photo birdie2_zps7de5333a.jpg

 photo 20140607_143220_zps28338cab.jpg
 photo 20140607_143237_zpsf325c456.jpg
 photo birdie5_zpse4ce95ef.jpg
 photo birdie6_zps2cbf3fcf.jpg
 photo birdie8_zps69cba99e.jpg
 photo birdie9_zps49a133ae.jpg

Allan got so comfortable with Birdie that he talked to it : “Come, take a look at yourself in the mirror.” Giving Birdie a chance to look at itself in the mirror was probably a once in a lifetime chance for the feathery animal too!

 photo birdie9b_zpsbb263b3d.jpg

Birdie started to get really affectionate and got closer and closer to Allan’s ear and hair.
Fearing that it might want to give him a Thank You Kiss, Allan slowly but professionally brought Birdie down from his shoulders to his fingers.

 photo birdie9d_zpsab07fe53.jpg
 photo birdie9f_zps4e292c7f.jpg
 photo birdie9g_zps0c832cc7.jpg

Even when Allan put his arm out of the window with Birdie on his thumb, it still refused to bid farewell…..but it LEFT A Yellowish-Whitish Thank You GIFT on dearie’s middle finger!
*huge laugh*

 photo birdie9h_zps07718357.jpg
 photo 20140607_143556-1_zpsd6ecbcb9.jpg

Allan put it back on the window ledge while he went to wash his hand.
It took a long time before it TRULY went back to where it belongs……the sky!

 photo 20140607_143621_zps7c33ece4.jpg

 photo 20140607_143701_zpsbaf6ce93.jpg

We had an exciting feathery-Saturday afternoon together as a family, hope yours was just as family-bonding as ours……
Have an Awesome Weekend!

Kids Were Amazed at Their Papa’s ‘Bravery’……