Allan and the kids love to play “Whaaah”. They would run and hide somewhere behind pillars or walls. Wait for another person who is not hiding, who NORMALLY (already) knows where the hider is, to come close, JUMP IN FRONT OF HIM and go “Whaaah“, with 2 hands and ‘claws-like-fingers’ in the air.

Sometimes its the kids who will hide. Sometimes its Allan. The 3 boys have this mutual thing between them, they just know whose turn it is to hide and who is gonna be the one to have a heartbeat skipped.

Ok, this was what happened yesterday night when we were walking towards our car in the multi-storey carpark….

Keatkeat was in a bad mood. He was not in the mood to play, held my hand and strolled, while Binbin dashed to the last pillar BEFORE the multi-storey carpark. Everyone saw where he was hiding. As usual, we pretended to not know.

Just seconds before we were going to be ‘surprised’, 2 men, appearing to be in a hurry, overtook us.

Binbin thought the footsteps were ours, JUMPED OUT with ‘CLAWS’ and “WHAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH” the 2 men!!!!

The poor men literally JUMPED UP with HANDS TO THEIR CHEST!!!


The men in their 30s laughed so loud when they realised it was a shorty-little-thing that almost gave them the shock of their lives!

Binbin turned to us, folded his arms with the most crumbled face, “Why you all walk so slow!!! See lah! I ‘Whaaaahhh’ the wrong person!”

*Huge Laugh*