My children received this yummy-fun game from their aunties during Chinese New Year. They refused to eat it because they loved playing the Monopoly Game!

It is Chocolate PLUS Game. Two in one.

The rules of the game is very different from the original Monopoly Board Game. It is so much easier for the children to comprehend.

Simply spin the wheel to see which colour the arrow points at. Take one piece of the same colour chocolate and place it on the board. Once all the chocolate pieces of the same colour have been placed on the board, the next person who spins the wheel and hits that colour will get all the chocolates of that colour on the board.

If the arrow points at the Question Mark, place the Question Mark chocolates in the middle of the chocolate box (Bank), the next person gets to remove the Question Mark Chocolates (whatever number) in the Bank only when he/she spins to Free Parking sign. Game ends when all the chocolates are gone.

Well, at the back of the box it said “Best Before 30/10/2012″, so they will have more than a year to play with it, before they are left with no other choice but to eat it or else it would go to waste. *wink*

I can forsee them playing in this June School Holidays.*smile*

Happy School Holidays to all schooling kids!