*evil grin* I really needed them to be entertained for a LONGER period of time when the weather is cold and wet outside and we were more or less grounded at home.

So……….I told them to solve the Rubik’s Cube!

Oh well, I agreed to let them search on YouTube to look for solutions. There were lots of Play-and-Pause while trying to solve.


Seriously, even with the solutions right in their faces, they still had problem following it through. They started to feel EXTREMELY frustrated and Binbin’s face turned so red, even his ears went red! *pout*

Maybe they were just NOT interested in the first place or maybe it was too difficult for them to understand? Nah! I choose not to believe the second reason because even a 3 year old girl can solve it! Watch this video:


Even after showing the above video to them, they were still NOT inspired, in fact they gave up! *slap forehead*

In the end……….. the Mummy, aka ME, did both Rubik’s cubes!

What do I get? “Yeah! Mummy so clever!” they cheered, even though they know their Mummy used the guide on YouTube.