BackDated Post: 20th June 2012

It feels so wonderful to be remembered.

When my 22years long time friend, X.Y. bought gifts for my boys when she went on a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. To be remembered and loved this way, its my boys’ good fortune.


I always love to see that ‘concentration to the max’ kind of look on my boys’ faces. So Charming!
Keatkeat had NO PROBLEM at all with this!
He did it so well and so fast!
This 8 year old’s analytical skills and motor skills have definitely improved alot over the past few months!

On the other hand, Binbin could not get it fixed.
So, his 18months older brother went over to help, since he had already completed his.
Keatkeat tried and tried for more than 15mins and it still could not be fixed! *faint*
It was past bedtime for them and Binbin was very disappointed as he watched Keatkeat played with his turtle before he went to bed.


So Allan came in to help.

For more than 30mins! Only then, was the turtle fixed.

Binbin’s first question in the morning was, “Papa is my turtle done?!”

Thank you X.Y. auntie for the gifts of love!


Gifts from Hong Kong Disneyland