Some days are better than others and some days you just wish you have a magic wand to make things better! *eyes rolled*

In my memory, I think yesterday was one of the most challenging day I had with my two boys or should I say…. with Keatkeat.

Yes, siblings do fight and its a common sight.

But my boys had never had a ‘real’ fight before. Yet, for the very first time, they fought in Public!!! *faint* I am a parent who does not like to put up a drama for public viewing. I prefer to give a stare, pull them away or literally walked off with them following my tail. I prefer to deal with the nonsense at home, behind closed doors.

But not for Allan. He yelled at them! Scolded them loudly and we became the family of superstars in that split second. *eyes rolled*

Not Once.

They physically fought with each other THREE TIMES TODAY at different places!!! *Super Faint*

The two boys were REALLY at each other’s throat’s today:

  1. Fighting over who sits where…
  2. Fighting over who is the first to hold my hand…
  3. Fighting over who is the first to press the lift button…
  4. Fighting over who gets to play what…
  5. Fighting over who can stand closest to me… so much so that they kept making me tripped in the shopping centre!!!! *Aaarrggghhh*

Keatkeat has always been a boy I had to give more attention to. His unloving attitude towards his younger brother has been getting from bad to worse. Yet, Binbin continues to let his 7 year old brother have his way…. It would be another long post just to list the details.

So, since I know Keatkeat is at his ‘worst of worst’ state, I chose to show him more love. So while I was preparing the Christmas decorations, he offered to help and I nodded. Because he loved doing it so much, I gave him a task to count how many decorations we have.
He refused.
No big deal.
I will just give the ‘privilege’ to Binbin.

So I asked Binbin to count. The moment I did that, Keatkeat snatched the items away from his 5 year old brother and the FOURTH round of fight nearly went off again at almost 11pm! Its been more than 12hours of nonsense! Enough!

I put a quick stop to it and Keatkeat STOMPED OFF! Man! That was my last line of patience! What kind of attitude is that!?!


Keatkeat came back with unwillingness cum fear.

Me: “Because you did not want to do it, so I asked Binbin to do. I gave you the chance to be first, since you like being first. But you gave up that chance. Why then did you not let your brother count?”

Keatkeat: “Don’t know.” (His usual first answer to whatever question)

Totally pissed with how things went the whole day, I ended the decoration fun and declared Bed Time.

I do not like my children to have negative feelings just before they sleep. So we had a heart to heart talk with Keatkeat. Since Allan was a more fiery dragon than me, I kept quiet, sat listening and let the men do the talking.

During the long talk, Keatkeat said he feel that we love Binbin more than him….. (to be continued)