Went to see the doctor this morning. Did you ask “WHO”?

ME !!!!


Woke up with a very bad sore throat and headache. My family doctor suspects that I could not be spared from the H1N1 virus that’s living within my four-walls now.


12th days of close contact. I had been well, haven’t I? So would I get it after 12 days?

The doctor said it is possible. As I spend time to take care of them, I may not be resting as well as I should, hence my immunity system may be lower as the days drag on. Furthermore, so long as the patient is still sick, he is still infectious.


Its true that I have not been having good rests for the past 12 days. If you have been following my small updates here over last week, you KNOW that its IMPOSSIBLE for me to have a good night rest. How to??!!!

Since Binbin fell ill, he has been sleeping with me. He is such a ‘roller’!!! If his cough doesn’t wake me, his ‘one-leg’ and ‘one-hand’ would. *shake head*

I declared Keatkeat ‘Well’ just 2 days ago, didn’t I? Guess what? He vomitted this morning. Why? I have no idea. But gave him that vomitting medicine straight away.

Binbin is still coughing and having running nose. The phelgm has lossen. Easier to cough them out now. *smile*

Allan’s cough is obviously getting better, because he is back to his ‘chatterbox’ being again. Too bad, his communicating partner’s throat is too sore to respond.

Damn! When will all these stop?!