Today is the day to find out how well Kitkit’s eyes responded to the Atropine eyedrops, after being on it for two months. Afterall, he needs to be on it for 2 years. Just in case you are wondering why? Read here “My Child on Atropine for 2 years“.

We went to Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) right after school, no time to go home for bath. Though not smelling as pleasant as we wished to be, we were hoping for pleasing results during today’s checkup.

While waiting for his name to be called, Kitkit was playing games on the mobile phone. The wait was about 20mins and I am unsure if these 20mins on the electronic device actually affected the result of his eye check. There was an increase of 25 for each eye!!!

The last check up in SNEC was 2 months ago!
25 degree increment for 2 months sounds pretty worrying to me!
Imagine, 25 degree increment x 6……he would have an increment of 150 in a year!
Isn’t it worrying???
However, the doctor said further observation is needed before a conclusion can be made as to whether is Atropine working well, as it should, in slowing down Kitkit’s myopia progression.

Nonetheless, I told Kitkit to avoid playing with electronic device during our next visit to SNEC in March 2014.
Yes, we will need to go back to SNEC again 2 months later.
During the next visit, the eye doctor planned to do a more thorough check on his eyes; by then he would be almost 5 months on Atropine already.

Today, the eye doctor affirmed that Kitkit’s pupils are slightly dilated.
She was concerned if Kitkit is doing well under sunlight (glare tolerance level) and even volunteered to write a letter to the school for my son to wear a cap during P.E. lessons. Kitkit said NO immediately! *laugh*
He does not want to be that outstanding in class…… so the eye doctor respected her patient’s decision.

I was also concerned if Kitkit had to miss a few days or even a week on Atropine when he goes for school camp (usually there will be a school camp for all Primary 5 students).
The eye  doctor did encourage Kitkit to try to learn to do it on his own.
(Remember the struggle I talked about in the other ‘Atropine’ blog post? Thus you can imagine Kitkit’s facial expression after hearing that from the eye doctor.)
However, she did mention that if Kitkit still could not do it when the time comes, then he can do WITHOUT the Atropine eyedrops for those camping days.

I had expressed my concern towards Kitkit NOT wearing spectacles during his 2-hour soccer training as well. I asked how much impact will that 2 hours weekly affect his eyes.
The doctor said that we could consider getting him sports glasses that are NOT elongated Nor curved. She said she is aware that there are such glasses overseas and recommended that we do our search on the internet.
Anyhow, she also added that if Kitkit insists that he can ‘see‘ the ball, then those 2 hours under the sun, without spectacles will not do much harm.

Yup, with that we left SNEC. Hhhmmmm….another $100+ flew out of the wallet again.
With fingers and toes crossed, I do hope that the next visit to SNEC, 2 months later, will bring Kitkit (and I) more delightful news.

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