Appetite Booster
Yes, I admit, I have not been happy with the rate Keatkeat’s body is growing. Its just not fast enough!

Classmates who used to be his height last year or the year before last are already taller than him now. Whereas at home, the height difference between him and his younger brother, with the age difference of 18 months, is closing up.


Well, during Preschool and Primary One period, I let him try this Appetite Stimulant to let him speed up during meal time and increase the quantity of food that goes into his mouth at each meal.

After two years of testing, I must say that it truly worked. Keatkeat’s appetite improved and so did his speed of chewing and swallowing his food.

Binbin did not like the taste of it. He did not even want to get it down his throat. In the end, he spat it out. So after trying that very first tablet, he ‘vowed‘ never to touch it again.

Oh well, it was MY FAULT!
I saw the word ‘Chewable‘ on the orange packaging and I thought it was like rubbery, THAT sort of  chew-a-bility. Something similar to Gummy Bears Candy, but it was FAR from that.

Although it does not taste like a medicine tablet, it does reminded me of Antacid which you need to chew on, when you have gastric problem. So it was definitely not that pleasant for Binbin.  *sigh*

After trying one myself, I was rather surprised that Keatkeat liked it. *eyebrows raised*

So in the end, I went searching for this alternative (below) for Binbin:



In the end, Keatkeat preferred this too. So since its an Appetite Stimulant and a Vitamins supplement, I see no reason to look further.

But the sad part is…. Keatkeat is still not growing fast enough. Now, 3rd in queue from the front in class. *pout*

He could eat an adult’s portion of food since Primary 1, but where did all the food go to? How come its not showing much growth on the body. Did it go to the hair? *laugh*

Hhhmmm… Actually, he is more troubled than his mother over his height, because strangers are starting to point at Binbin and asked if he was the elder brother. *faint*

Oh well……so long as he is healthy, I think that’s all that truly matters. *wink*

Appetite Stimulant for your child