*Picture Courtesy of Google Images

Never expect myself to say this, but Keatkeat has indeed chose the best time to be sick! The bugging cough which evolved into his usual Bronchitis started two days ago.

So you can expect to see me in my dark eye rings and eye bags, due to the frequent wake up calls to the sound of “BLEH…” (VOMIT).

A big boy indeed Keatkeat has become. Keatkeat could ‘assist‘ the thick phlegm out of his respiratory pipe. Though lots of vomiting and its painful for me to hear and watch, its still rewarding to see a big smile at the end of it all, accompanied with this statement, “Mommy, I feel so much better after vomiting.”


Its school holidays and we are two days away from our very FIRST family ‘overnight-overseas’ trip. Crossing every part of my body now, hoping that he would be perfectly well in two days time….