BackDated Post: 3rd May 2012

In one of the previous post last week, I mentioned that Keatkeat’s health took a turn for the worse. Here’s why.

  • First was cough. Night time is the worse. Cough till vomit.
  • Then runny nose ran in to make things more complicated.
  • Persistent Tummy ache did not want to miss the party either.
  • Aggravated his back pain.
  • Insomnia hit eventually.
  • Headache followed.

Without proper rest, which human can truly recover?

His back pain became so severe, he could not sit for long and had to keep fidgeting in class (according to him). Well, its the same when he is at home.

We had to ‘cure‘ his insomnia first, or else there is no way he could be well enough to go for the mid-year examination. He has already taken ‘enough‘ MCs, in my opinion, to miss out on the tips the teachers had been giving for the coming papers.

Back Pain was the killer to his beauty sleep. Keatkeat had been complaining about the discomfort on his lower back for about a year now, but it was occasional and its usually complained in this way, “Mummy, my back very uncomfortable.”

But NEVER once did he say ‘Pain’.

This was the first time, he mentioned the word ‘PAIN’ and that worries me terribly because till now, I am still wondering if Allan’s ‘missing piece‘ on his lower spine would be hereditary.

So with that said, I need verification.

We started looking for Child Chiropractor.

Law of Attraction does work in our lives! When we were buying a floor mat, to put under our roller chairs, to protect the floor in our temporary home, the Chiropractor Clinic was right beside the shop! *grin*

We did hesitate a little because of the clinic’s appearance.

We wonder about the cost.
We wonder if the Chiropractor treats children.
We wonder about how many times Keatkeat needs to go through it before the pain will go away for good.
Hundreds of wondering thoughts filled our minds.


Then I decided to stop all the ‘What If‘ and pushed the door. Ring Ring Ring, the wind chime hung on the door rang.

“Come In” a voice spoke. But we saw no one!!!

So eerie! *laugh*

Not a single soul at the reception area but after the voice repeated “Come In”, we realised it came from a small window from the consultation room.

We pushed another door and there she sat with her long-sighted glasses and hair neatly tied up. Hung on the wall behind her was 4 big Chinese words “Yi-Shu-Gao-Ming” (superior medical skills)

Yes, she is from China and to me, when it comes to ‘Tui-Na’ (manipulative therapy), I think they are the best.

My uncle has been a Chinese Physician for more than 40 years now. However, he no longer prescribe liquid medicine nor tablet medication any more. So those 3 bowls of water, boiled with the herbs, to one bowl of medication, Keatkeat has problem taking even one sip.

So I had no choice but to seek help else where.

Ok, back to this Female Chinese Child Chiropractor cum Physician. She started her diagnosis and every word that she said hit bull’s eye!

  • “He has been having wind in his stomach and weak gastric for a very long time
  • He does not eat much as a result
  • So he has problem concentrating for long periods of time
  • He also have headache
  • He could not sleep well at night because of the discomfort in his stomach
  • And that discomfort is causing his back to hurt
  • If he carries on this way, it will affect his growth, which also explains why he is almost the same build as his younger brother.”

I was literally nodding all the way!!!

Then a sentence came out of her mouth and made my heart skipped a beat:

“He is suffering in this body.”


I felt like crying because all these while I felt that Keatkeat is just being a complain-some and negative boy whenever he complains about discomfort in his body.

You see, he complains only when he is asked to do something that he does not fancy. Yet, he can stay infront of the computer for a full 30mins and not a single word of complain would come out of his mouth.

So I assumed that it was just his way of showing lack of interest in whatever that he does not like and tries to find excuses to leave.

Now that THAT SENTENCE came out from the doctor’s mouth, I have a brand new way of looking at my first born. His endurance level is really high!

The female physician said that she needs to solve Keatkeat’s tummy issues first. So long as that is not solved, other problems will continue.

Then she moved on to look at Keatkeat’s spine.


Keatkeat’s SPINE is curved towards the lower part!!!!

Keatkeat was born with a perfectly normal spine.

What happened???!!!

Then my guess was proven correct when the child chiropractor said, “He has bad posture most of the time, right? And that is because of the discomfort in his tummy. He does not like to straighten his body because it stretches it and makes it painful.”

She paused for a few seconds and said another sentence which brought tears to the corners of my eyes, “This little boy is going through a lot of pain.”


Then the female child chiropractor started to massage for Keatkeat. Twisting and turning his body in awkward positions, and she was surprised that Keatkeat was so cooperative. She kept praising him, “This child is so obedient.”

I wanted to take photos and videos, but it was not allowed. So the only photo I could take was the entrance of the clinic.


We went there twice already.
She prescribed medicine for Keatkeat’s tummy discomfort only.

Keatkeat’s tummy has improved after taking her medication.
However habits die hard and BAD habits die harder!
He still does not sit with a back support to support his spine.
He still does not walk upright.
He still does not land his feet on his heel when he walks.


We had to keep reminding/nagging him to do so.
Then he would do it, for a few minutes, before he goes back to his old self again.

*double sigh*

I am comfortable with this child chiropractor, however something in me kept bugging me to seek a second opinion. Thus before our third appointment with this female child chiropractor, I will be going to another child chiropractor.

Appointment has been confirmed.
It will be this coming Monday, 14th May 2012.

Let’s see if there is going to be any difference in the diagnosis.
*fingers crossed*


Child Chiropractor