Now that the weather has turned colder these few days, especially after sunset, my family is struggling to stay healthy. Allan coughed a little every now and then. Binbin had been busy clearing his mucus-filled nose every other hour too.

As for Keatkeat, he has sinus, just like his mummy and papa. Every morning, he had to sneeze a couple of times and blow his nose a couple of times more before he heads to school. Its a normal routine for him, for us.

However, this morning was different.

At 9.45am, he could hold it no more, my phone rang:

Keatkeat: “Are you mummy?”

Me: “Yes, Keatkeat.”

Keatkeat: “Mummy, my runny nose didn’t stop. At about 8am, I got headache. Now recess time, I can’t eat.”

Me: “So what do you want me to do?”

Keatkeat: “Can you bring me home?”

And so he was brought home by his Papa after a visit to the Polyclinic first to get that very important piece of white paper called : ‘Medical Certificate’.

3 days! Yes. He was given 3 days of MC.

Came home with Cough, Runny Nose and Fever medication. Doctor said its one of the newest flu virus floating around. May take a few days to recover. *sigh*

Exactly one week ago, last Thursday, I was down. Today, Keatkeat had lost the battle too. Hope Allan and Binbin will stay strong with their invisible armour on.

*fingers crossed*

You too! My readers, hope you and your family are pink in health!

He could hold it no more…