My boys love art and crafts. The creative side of them is pretty prominent. However, with so much school work and school activities, I refused to give them more opportunities to explore that talented part of them.

I think the only time I did was when I sent Keatkeat to a short 1 hour one-to-one open workshop at an art shop when he was 5 years old and during the school holidays last December for the two days class.

After that class, Keatkeat said, “Mommy, I really like to draw. Can you send me to more drawing classes?”

Oh well, I am still SERIOUSLY considering….

Anyhow, I found out about this art school and I thought you might want to check it out too, if you are looking for an art school to send your child to. Here’s what ArtSense has to say:

ArtSense is an art school catered to children ages 3 -12. What makes
ArtSense different is the process of creating art.

Inspired by Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory, our
programme addresses the Multiple Intelligence in children which
focuses on spatial, intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence.

Art is beyond the drawing board, as such, our programmes focus mainly
on 3D Art which not only expands the child’s creativity and
imagination but also builds dexterity and motor functions.

Arts and Crafts is not just about creating something new; it is a
continuous process of re-creating things around us. Therefore, we use
mainly recyclable items as our craft materials. This urges the
children to use their imagination and at the same time educates the
children on respecting our environment.

They are having an Open House Event

Venue: ArtSense Studio – 318 Tanglin Road, Blk B, #01-37. (Phoenix

Date: 12th of February 2012, Sunday

Timing: 1pm to 2pm / 2pm to 3pm / 3pm to 4pm

* Per session – 6 children – per age group
* 3 to 5yrs / 6 to 8yrs / 9 to 12yrs

You would need to RSVP by 5th February 2012 to or buzz them at 6733 6435. .