It was a great way to start the first day of a new month for my boys. Keatkeat and Binbin went to PuddleWorld today to embark on a journey of self-discovery and to improve their resilience.

Puddleworld was created in conjunction, with the School of Positive Psychology and the charity organization — In her Shoes; that helps to raise money and awareness about cancer. Through drama, dance movement and a positive psychology based course, it is said to improve a child’s resilience.

It is a 4-weekly drama workshop. Today is their first day there.

A little apprehensive when they reached but were beaming from cheek to cheek when they left, especially Binbin.

I was not there to watch and I think it is a good thing because to me, kids are most at ease when their parents are not around, no matter how playful their parents are. When a child is at ease, he/she will absorb like a sponge.

Based on their reviews and expressions, I can tell if they really understood what was going on or were they just going with the flow blindly.

Other than the above pros, the biggest plus point of not being there was having undisturbed couple time with Allan. *thumbs up*

2 hours later…the fun time at PuddleWorld ended.

They hopped into the car and Allan asked: “So what did you do?”

Keatkeat said: “We played games.” and he went on to describe how the games were played.

Binbin interrupted: “Ya, so fun! And there was this time I …..” on and on he went, talking about what went through his mind when he was playing the games.

Keatkeat also told me that they did some group exercises whereby they held each others hand and turned around.

When asked “What did you like most at PuddleWorld today?” both gave different answers.

KeatKeat; “I know of a fun way to draw a pig!” 

And immediately he started to sing ” ‘Small circle (x2), Big circle, Small circle (x2), Big circle, Triangle (x4), 6 times 6 =36 and 6 times 6, what’s the answer?’ And the answer forms the TAIL of the Pig!”

I passed him a pen and he sang again as he drew this out during the car ride home:-


As for my 7 year old Binbin, it was the story telling that left a deep impression in his head. He said: “I like the story about the puddle of water. How the dripplets of water feel sad at first then later feel happy again. They (coaches) were so funny!”

My 8 year old added more details to the story and told me that they even danced with umbrellas and did different actions during the story telling session.

After hearing the full story from the two of them, I asked:” So do you know what is the story trying to tell you?”


“Well, in life there will be times when we have ‘bad’ things happen to us and we feel unhappy; but in actual fact they are good things. Just like the dripplets, who thought that they are not going to see each other anymore, and thought it was a bad thing, but later they had more friends than before right? So what appears to be bad sometimes can turn out to be something good in the end.”

Keatkeat: “Orhhhhhh…just like you always tell us to think positive, right?”


I recalled….when I reached there to pick them up, I saw BinBin and another girl at the white board drawing out the Puddle story.

When BinBin is happy, he draws. When I saw how he decorated his name tag, I knew he Really enjoyed himself. He liked the Puddle story so much that he drew it in too.


Before we left, BinBin insisted on taking a shot with the props used for the story : The Farmers Hat.

Drippy (the one in the middle) is Keatkeat’s favourite coach. “He is very fun to be with, always say or do funny things to make us laugh.”

Both are definitely looking forward to next week’s workshop….