A simple lunch in IKEA ended with a punching mini-speech from Kitkit.
Nothing triggered him to say these words, they were ‘vomited‘ out of his mouth for no particular reason.

“I think God made it a challenge for you and Papa to have me as your son.
Ah-Bin is like the perfect child.
Perfect eyesight, good posture, walks properly, loves to eat fruits and vegetables.
I am the total opposite.
Needs to wear spectacles, has problem with my spine, has problem with my feet, does not like vegetables, all I eat is meat, french fries and burgers.
One is totally good and the other is totally horrible.
So its like an angel and devil thing.
So I think its a challenge for you two.

He smiled.

Me: “So Kitkit, are you going make it an even tougher challenge for us from now on?”
Kitkit: “Ya, maybe.”

Alright, I’ve been warned.
Time to double up my Armour!!!


A Challenge for You and Papa