Kitkit called me during his school recess period today.

Kitkit: “Mummy, you remember I got Oral Exam today AFTER SCHOOL, right?”
Initially, I had forgotten that it was AFTER school, until Allan told me this morning before we brought the kids to school. OOOps!
Well, I just went “MM”, since I was told by Allan already.

Kitkit: “So you know I will be coming home later than usual, right?”
Me: “Yes. Did Papa give you extra money today? Since you are eating lunch on your own?”
Kitkit: “Don’t think so. I only saw 1 piece of $2 note and some coins.”
Me: “Maybe those coins are $1 coins.”
Kitkit: “Maybe, I didn’t check. But don’t worry, because REMEMBER? I always put extra money in my bag. Just in case.”
Me: “Yes.”

Kitkit: “Ok, so I’ll be home a bit later today.”
Me: “Ok, see you at home later.”
Kitkit: “Bye.”
Me: “Bye.”

Such a simple call, yet it shows how much Kitkit understands me.
He knows I am FORGETFUL.
He knows I will be worried.
Thus, he called to remind me…… to assure me.

Very soon, I think our roles will start to change… will be his turn to look after me, as he matures by the day.

A Simple Call That Shows it All