Binbin: “Mummy, today my friend copied my ‘Caterpillar‘ during spelling. He forgot to write ‘e‘ and saw that I got write ‘e‘, then he erased his wrong word away and write the ‘e’.”

Me: “Oh! You saw him do that?”

Binbin: “Ya. He put his head over to my side mah.”

Me: “So what did you do?”

Binbin: “I said “Oi! Why you copy?! Erase away!!”

Me *eyes widened in surprise*: “Wahhh…. so fierce! You REALLY said that to him?”

Binbin *nodding* : “Mm!”

Me: “Then what did he do?”

Binbin: “He erased it away lah!”
Then he gave me the isn’t-it-obvious-? kind of look.

*huge laugh*
Though I laughed at the last expression he gave me, I praised him for doing the right thing.

Allan remarked: “Wahhh…his classmate so obedient.” *laugh*

Then Allan and I turned towards Kitkit and asked: “What would you do?”

Kitkit: “I would tell teacher….after the spelling is over. Because teacher said no talking during spelling time.”

Me: “Teacher meant no talking between you and your friends. Now you are talking to teacher. Should be ok to tell her the moment your friend copied your spelling word, right?”

Kitkit: “Teacher said no talking means don’t make a sound. Don’t care talk to who lah.”

Me *huge laugh*: “Ok…ok…”



Kids Talk – Dealing with Copycat