It was worksheet time….and in the middle of it…..

Kitkit: “Mummy, how to do this (question)?
Me: “Can you read the question?”
Kitkit: “Oh! I know already. Thank you.”
Me *smiled*

Few minutes later……..

Binbin: “Mummy, how to do this (question)?”
Me: “Which one?”
Binbin: “Wait! I think I know how to do already.”
Me *twisted lips*

Few minutes later…….

Kitkit: “Mummy, I don’t understand why the question say…..”
Me: “Let me read. (Still reading)
Kitkit: “OHHHHHHHHHHHH! I know already!”
Me *eyes rolled*

Me: “Wahhhh…During exam, if you do not know how to do any question, just say “Mummy, how to do this?” and you will have the answer already! Good!”
Kitkit: “Cannot. You are NOT there.”
Binbin: “Ya Lor! We need to see You.” (Leaning over to hug me)
Me: “Just bring my photo along and put it infront of you.”
Binbin: “Cannot lah! Its different!” (Hugging tighter)
Kitkit: “Ya lor! Its different. Need your Body to be there.”

Me: “Ok, I’ll go make a life-size poster of myself…”
BOTH in unison: “We Need the REAL Mummy!”
Binbin: “Ya, we need the Power of Mummy! Must be able to feeeeel *caressing my forearm* and touch!”
Kitkit: “Yaaaa!”

*Super Eyes Rolled*