I remember the day Keatkeat and Binbin first introduced the cartoon “The Cat In The Hat” to me.

I was at my PC, just 5 feet away from them, who were watching the cartoon from Dr. Seuss.

Keatkeat: “Mummy! Watch this, now! See?! Their Mummy so good lor. Every time they ask (for permission to go for an adventure), their Mummy will ALWAYS say yes.”

Me: “So are you saying I’m not good, because I do not say yes to everything that you ask for?”

Keatkeat: “I said she is good, I did not say you are bad wat! Don’t be so sensitive!”

Binbin: “Ya lor, don’t be so sensitive! You are still our good Mummy.”

Totally dumbfounded! Need to watch my sensitivity level now… *laugh*

Kids Talk : So Sensitive