On the 2nd day of school, while I was in Malaysia, I saw two missed-calls from my MIL’s home number and decided to return the call, thinking that it could have been my MIL looking for us urgently, as Allan forgot to bring out his phone that day.

Instead, it was my niece sounding all chirpy: “Shen Shen, I am in the BEST Maths class and the 2nd BEST class in P6!”

It feels so good to know that my 2nd niece loves to share her joy with me. *smile*

Later on, I passed the phone to Kitkit and my cheeky one said: “I am also in the 2nd BEST class in P4!”

“Oh M.Y. (my 3rd niece) too? In 2nd BEST class in P3?! Hey, that makes the 3 of us The 3 Musketeers of the 2nd BEST class!”




Kids Talk – The 3 Musketeers