Sunday 10+pm….

Me: “Kids, its time to sleep, why are you bringing out your Legos?”
Binbin: “To Play lah!”

Me: “Its past 10 already, not playtime, its sleeping time.”
Kitkit: “Just for a while.”
Binbin: “Mummy, were you a kid before? Don’t you know that kids like to play and don’t like to sleep?”


Me: “Ok…fair enough, when I was a kid, I don’t like to be asked to keep my toys immediately. So I’ll say…..Hhhmmm….. 10mins. After that, keep the Legos and sleep, Ok?”
Kitkit: “Yeah!”
Binbin: “Ok! Thank you Mummy!”


Kids of their age are so much easier to handle (than during their toddler-stage) when we recall what it was like when WE were kids…..once
Kids are kids.
Regardless of which century we are in, ‘PLAYTIME’ is what kids live for….
So respect that.