Kitkit was having his Chinese Tuition in the study room yesterday. While Binbin waited for his turn to come, which would be 1.5hours later, we played senseless games and had some cuddling time after draining our energy.

Lying on my queen size bed, cuddled together AS IF it was snowing…..

Me: “Binbin, when I die, will you miss me?”
Binbin: “Don’t say such things lah!”
and he started to CRY IMMEDIATELY!!!

Me: “Oh Bin! You are crying?!”
Binbin: “Ya lah! Makes me very sad.”
His head still buried in my upper right chest…sobbing

Me: “Please remember that I’d always loved you very very much. Will you remember?”
Binbin: “Yes. I will miss you very much. But is it true that once a person dies, he will forget everything?”
Me: “Maybe.”
Moving away from my upper right chest….clearly seeing his tearful face now…

As he wiped off the tears at the brim of his eye socket…
Binbin: “Mummy, your shirt all wet.”
Me: “Ya man! If tuition teacher comes out and sees this, she may think that I drooled!”
Binbin chuckled.

He leaned back onto my upper chest for few seconds, both enjoying the quiet moment…..
Then he dropped the bomb:
Binbin: “So after you died, can your phone be mine?”


I guessed I need to state that in my WILL now.
*huge laugh*



Kids Talk: When I Die