My nephew had a simple but joyous advance birthday celebration yesterday. Today is his actual day…..

Started off with cake cutting in the afternoon at home, then a trip down to a restaurant in Harbour Front whereby everyone were feeling so full at the end of the buffet dinner.

Kitkit and I were very surprised to see W.D. chose the same cake as what Kitkit had on his 9th birthday last year.

We knew that he liked the cake alot, through his facial expressions last year. What we did not expect was, he actually liked it so much that he remembered and waited 5 months to get it for his own birthday.



This is the very first year W.D. could tell us exactly what he wanted for his birthday. Unlike previous years, whereby he would say a new thing whenever he sees one. In the end, he practically wanted EVERYTHING! *faint*

So, since he was so clear of what he wanted this year, we bought them for him:~


Animal Erasers from Kitkit



Toy Gun from Binbin (his best playmate every Sunday)


Bow and Arrow from Allan and I


Photo in the restaurant without youngest niece, M.Y.
I wonder where did she go….. Hhhmmm…

The other adults were at a separate table. It was just impossible for the 14 of us to fit into one table.

As a result, Allan and I ended up eating so much because the REST of the people sitting on the same table as us were ALL KIDS! *faint*

Happy Birthday Nephew!