Its been 6 years since I started blogging.
Over these 6 years, many things have changed.
It started from having the mindset of earning money to being in the community of bloggers to the current status of staying focus on the purpose of this blog.

It was a journey of discovering what is the real purpose of keeping this blog alive.
The happiest time (I thought) back then was to be part of the big group of bloggers from all over the world.
Hopping over to their blogs and reading their life, their thoughts.
Soon, we became close buddies, close friends.
And this group grew so fast, so much so that I could spend hours just reading everyone’s blogs and neglected mine.
It was so difficult to keep up.
My Google Reader, which no longer exists now, is always showing more than 50 unread posts every single day.
It was tiring….

Now, things have changed again.
With other social media sites picking up, like Instagram, though very different from Blogging, it affected the size of the blogging community.
It has shrunk, based on my observation.
Many have stopped blogging completely.

I have changed too.
Now, I’m staying focused on recording the different experiences of my boys and children I’d met.
As simple as that.

I had tried to save this blog so many times!
It died.
It revived.
And it happened again.
and again……….
I could only rely on the experts of my web hosting provider, as I am totally clueless in this aspect.
Feel so helpless when such times come.
I could only pray and wish that the experts continue to perform magic, so that my blog continues to live.

Recently, new problems arose.
The photos in much earlier posts have started to disappear.
A few at a time.
Thus, some of my posts looked pretty weird.
For example, “Look at the picture below.” and there is NO photo below.
“Look at the smiles on their faces.” and there is no picture of any humans.

To spice things up over here, there are more and more broken links found within my blog itself too.
My ‘Broken Link Checker’ told me so.



Such things disturb me because I do not know how to solve them.
Its not only getting on my nerves, its wearing me out.

The big question that some people asked: “How long more do you want to continue to blog?”
This blog, has so many of my memories, its like a diary, its my life.
This blog stays, so long as my web hosting service provider continues, so long as I am still able to type…….this blog is NOT going anywhere!