Its the month of the year again whereby love is in the air for this family. First was the celebration of Papa and Mummy’s wedding anniversary on 19th, read post in my personal blog “Happy 13th Anniversary, Dearie!“, then on 20th midnight, we celebrate Papa’s birthday and feast on his actual day 21st May, every year.

This year, Kitkit gave Papa the birthday present he wanted most : Kitkit passed his Chinese Paper 2. So that made this day an even more joyous event.

As usual, I bought him a cake. He refused to let me buy his favourite New York Cheese Cake from Bakerzin because he thinks that its too expensive. So while he was not looking, I went to the website and placed the order. *laugh* I win!

Midnight birthday cake-cutting:

38-1 38-2

38-3 38-4 38-5


In more ways than one, Papa is a simple man who is faithful to a few simple things, so its never a headache to think of what cake to buy and where to eat for his birthday feast.

Cheese Cake and Tony Romas!




38-6 38-6a 38-6b


But no feast is good without great companions! *smile*


38-8 38-8a 38-8b

My mind was running wild tonight and an embarrassing thing happened as a result (shhhh…not sharing here, its a family secret now. *Zipped*) ; on top of that, you know what? I actually forgot to take a photo of the birthday boy in his favourite restaurant, Tony Romas!!!! *slap forehead*

Sorry dearie!

Though I have no photo to prove that he was having a great time, he DID HAVE A GREAT TIME!

Happy Birthday Papa!!!!

We Love You!