Happy 4th Birthday to KeatKeatkeatscarcake.JPG

My 1st child, KeatKeat is 4 years old today.

How time flies….still remember when he was tiny and small

And now, he can do soooo many things be himself….over just 4 years, now he canbrush his teeth, wear his shoes, dress himself, bathe himself, open the lock, switch on the tv, have a mind of his own, draw cartoons, communicate so clearly with family and strangers….

its amazing…


yes we always celebrate the children’s birthday twice. We will have a mini-family-celebration, just the 4 of us at 12 midnite sharp on the actual day. Then we will go over to his grandparents place with all the other kids in my life to have dinner and he get to celebrate his birthday again!

From the cake and the presents, you can tell how ‘car-crazy’ my son is….*wink*

Wanna take this opportunity to wish all children in the universe born on the 2nd of November….

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to yoooouuu….. Happy Birthday to you….” *clap, clap, clap*