Its the boys’ Yi-Zhang’s birthday and we had an wonderful meal together on 30th September ~ an advance birthday celebration for him.
The birthday boy suggested to go Marche @VivoCity and I was grinning from cheek to cheek when I read that message!
‘cos I wanted to go there for lunch on my birthday, but due to last minute hiccups, it did not come true for me.
So thanks to BIL, he fulfilled one of my birthday wish without even knowing [till now, that is if he gets to read this]!
Thanks bro!


The way Marche welcomes their customers was a delightful surprise for Kitkit and Binbin.
Never had they once given a deep plate and a ‘credit-card’ at any restaurant they had ever visited before.
Though, this was their 2nd time to Marche, they hardly have any memories of their first visit at Marche @Suntec, when they were still toddlers, which I believe no longer exist in that particular corner of that big shopping mall.
Thus EVERYTHING, including the layout inside the restaurant and the variety of food served were exciting for them.

The kids chose dishes from the Picky Kids Meal menu and their ‘credit card’ had a smiley on it, while the adults’ did not.




Kitkit had Chicken Pizza with F&N Grape drink, while Binin had Ham Crepe and Watermelon Juice.

It was a long journey for the birthday boy man to travel from his work-place to Marche @VivoCity, errrmmm….so we decided to eat first, without him. Ooops Sorry!


My sister had the famous Rosti with Cheese Sausage



I am unsure if it was due to my happy mood or was it the emptying of my system just before we met, my appetite was really BIG!!! Errrr…and as a VERY supportive hubby, he was feasting on whatever that I was having.

Allan and I each had a bottle of Root Beer while we shared:-

  1. Swiss Rosti
  2. Salmon Fillet
  3. Veggie Pasta
  4. Single Scoop Ice Cream with  Cream Cheese Crepe

My sister could not help but asked: “Errrmm…two of you….VERY HUNGRY???!!”

When BIL finally arrived, the sky has darkened.
He must be feeling hungry by then.
He ordered:-

  1. Rosti with Smoked Salmon
  2. Mushroom Soup
  3. Pistachio Ice Cream (shared with my sister)
  4. Root Beer (shared with my sister)

I was so busy eating almost non-stop (the only time I was not eating was when I was walking around ordering and waiting for my food infront of the stall. :P ) I forgot to take photographs of what the birthday boy and us ate.
*slap forehead*

But I DID NOT allow myself to forget to get this shot of my boys’ with their favourite Yi-Zhang!


Happy Birthday Yi-Zhang!!!



Happy Birthday