entranceOk, to reward ourselves for ENDURING the ‘distasteful musicyesterday, we decided to have an exceptionally SUPERB dinner.

It was my Sister’s treat Company’s treat. A monthly allowance of up to $150 is given to all employees for their hardwork put into a new project. Woo-hoo!

This is the first time we went to Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, which is famous for its seafood freshness. We ordered 4 of their FAMOUS dishes:

Jumbo Black Pepper Crab – Live Sri Lankan Crab stir fried to a springy texture, in a special blend of Jumbo Black Pepper Sauce.


Jumbo Chili Crab – Live Sri Lankan Crab stir fried in rich savoury chili gravy. Man-Tou – Steamed/deep fried buns (to dip into the sauce)


Deep Fried Red Tilapia with Nonya Sauce – The fish is deep fried till crispy, served on piping hot Nonya Sauce.


Crispy Baby Squids – Deep Fried Fresh Baby Squids, marinated with oyster sauce, crispy and crunchy, served on a bed of crackers.


(for the kids) Boiled Live Prawns – Prawns boiled to the right duration, shells are peeled with ease.


Its so ‘well-done‘ that even my 3 year old Binbin could peel the prawns by himself.


The total bill came up to be $170+ after a 10% discount. My sis was feeling rich, so we didn’t need to top up the extra $20+. Thank you sis and thank you ‘sis’s company‘! *wink*


*my say on each dish and the restaurant’s service is over here.