This is the very first time Kitkit had a BIG birthday celebration. Its kinda sad to know that he needed to wait till he is 10 before something big like this happened (FOR HIM) on his birthday. Don’t feel like going into details why or what happened in the past few years though….. Now, I am only interested in sharing what happened on 2nd November 2013, which made my firstborn so happy from beginning……. till he rested his head on his pillow at night.

I took a long time to select which photos to post. It was really difficult for me to chop down more than half of the whole chunk of photos (124 photos taken) and put them inside this blogpost.

1st November 2013 at around 10pm
Busy packing Goodies Bag for his cousins:



At Midnight
Our usual cake cutting moment for the birthday boy




2nd November 2013, 2.30pm
Went to my in-law’s place to pick up my nieces and nephew, except my eldest niece who flew off to Europe the day before.
So instead of the usual 6 kids, it was just 5 as we headed off to AMAZONIA!!!
My sister and BIL also came along too!
Been to so many different types of indoor playground, this is the one I enjoyed the most!
So you can expect how busy my phone camera was as I climbed up and crawled down the entire place with the 5 kiddos.
Too many things to talk about Amazonia, so will be doing a full review in another post.
As of now, just two photos.



After the 2-hour sweaty-fun, it was dinner time at Pizza Hut in Ang Mo Kio.
Though Kitkit wanted to go to Toni Romas initially, we had to change to Pizza Hut because of his grandparents and I am glad that Kitkit is matured enough to agree that the change will make more people happier.





Just like every other year, Kitkit will give different wishlist to different individuals and I would say 99% of them were fulfilled.



  • XBox controller was given by Yi-Bak and Yi-Bak-Leong (given to him before his birthday, because of their Europe Trip.)
  • BIG Mr Bean was given by his Ah Yee and Yi-Zhang
  • Tiny Mr Bean was given by Binbin
  • Architecture puzzle piece was given by Bak-Bak and Bak-Leong
  • All Smiggle stationary were given by ZY, M.Y. and WD.



Surprisingly, the one thing which was NOT on his wishlist was the ONLY thing that could capture his FULL ATTENTION for almost 3 hours!
The Architecture Puzzle Set!

After a much needed bath, as he perspired like crazy at Amazonia, he hid himself in his bedroom and started fixing it at 9.48pm.
Watch his expressions in the slide show below, I find his 100%-Full-Concentration-look sooooooooooooo CHARMING!!!!

1568rich's Kitkit 10th Birthday album on Photobucket

At 12.28am, he completed the 550 pieces puzzle which formed the miniature 3D Kuala Lumpur Tower (31cm x 8cm).
I don’t know about you, but I was VERY IMPRESSED by my boy who just turned 10!!!
*Super Clap Clap Clap*

Instead of letting out a BIG Grin at the end of the grueling 2 hours and 40 minutes, he had his mouth wide open with a BIG YAWN…………
He was exhausted!



He fell asleep so quickly last night!
Sweet Dreams my 10 year old!
*Super Hugs*


Thank you everyone who made my Kitkit so happy on his 10th Birthday!!!





Kitkit’s 10th Birthday Celebration