This happened on the 2nd week of school.

Keatkeat: “Mommy, today my friend want to take money from my wallet.”

Me: “Tell me the whole story.”

Keatkeat: “A friend said this friend lost his wallet and got no food to eat. Then before I put my wallet in my pocket after I buy food, he just take my wallet away and want to take the money. I said “Cannot! Don’t Take My Money! My Mommy will scold.” And I take it back from him. Later I don’t know why he got food to eat.”

Me: “Why did you feel that I will scold you?”

Keatkeat: “Because you always teach me that money is important. Cannot waste money. He take my money away is wasting my money.”

Me: “But don’t you think he is very pitiful? He has nothing to eat because he has no money?”

Keatkeat: “Yes. So you think I should give him the money?”

Me: “When you have a friend who lost his wallet or have no money to eat, it is best that he should approach the teachers or an adult. They will know better how to help him. You did a Great Job Keat!”

Keatkeat: “Orh.” (meaning “ok”)

*** I forsee his post may strike opposition from some parents in thinking that I am not teaching my boy to be compassionate.

But to me, my 6 year old is still unable to differentiate a liar from a honest chap. Even adults have problem with this, true? And being children, their kindness are easily taken advantage of. I am not saying that THIS friend is lying, I am just protecting my boy from being caught in a situation like this:-

Imagine this: If KK had given him the money or promise to lend it to him. If this boy is really dishonest, and refused to return the money; on top of that, if he comes again to my boy the next day for money again (furthermore, notice? He did not ask. He just took Keatkeat’s wallet as if it was his.); Keatkeat or the boy would think that this is perfectly alright, because it has become a routine.

My two boys do ‘donate‘ to blind people who sell tissue papers or handicapped on the road. In some sense, I think being compassionate is an in-born thing in all children.

Seriously, for this incident, I am VERY PROUD of Keatkeat. I love and approve the way he handled the situation. Good Job, Keat!