My boys are selling their chairs for $10 each.
Yes, blue one for $10 and
black one for $10.

Blue chair belongs to Kitkit and
Black chair belongs to Binbin.


Both were only used for 4 months.
Still in great condition.
I would say that their condition is as good as new.
The only difference is: New ones have the plastic wrapping around the chairs and ours are without.





The chairs’ height and back-support are NOT adjustable.
The height from the ground to the cushion seat is fixed at 42cm.
The cushion seat width is also 42cm.



***One Small Request. Please prepare exact amount, i.e. one piece of $10 note to pass to each of my boys.
Yes, they will be the ones keeping the money.
Well, its THEIR chairs!

Please email me the colour of your choice to

***Updated on 15th December 2012 1.30pm
The blue chair has been sold.
ONLY THE BLACK chair left.



Kids ‘Study’ Chairs For Sale