Yesterday at my in-laws’ place, I had a mini chat with my 2nd SIL.

SIL: “Have you decided how much pocket money you want to give Keatkeat?”

Me: “$1.50. But I wonder if its enough. Because a plate of Char Siew Rice (roasted pork rice) already costs $1.20.”

SIL: “So you are going to make bento for him everyday?”

Me: “Nahhh… I’m a lazy mommy. *giggle* I don’t intend to do that. I will probably give him a heavy lunch. Since their snack time is only 3hours from his lunch. Don’t think he will be that hungry. Maybe he might buy a fishball or two.”

SIL: “Beware. He might spend his money at the bookshop. Buying erasers and stationeries.”

Me: “I allow him to do that.”

SIL: eyes widened “Huh? You are the first mommy among all the mommies I know which allow this.”

Me: “I think all kids are the same. The more the parents forbid, the more they will do. The more they will ‘hide’. The more they will ‘lie’. So I just let him be. He will get sick of it sooner or later….” *Smile*

Indeed, the way I think as a Mommy is very different from most parents. Some of my parenting tactics are considered FORBIDDEN. *giggle* Oh well, I’m just different. I’m ALIEN MOMMY! *Grin*

For this pocket money matter, its an extremely simple rule. Once its given, it belongs to the receiver. As simple as that. What the receiver wants to do with it, he bears the responsibility.

If he chooses to spend the entire $1.50 on stationeries and found out that his tummy rumbles during lesson after break time. Do you think he will do it again tomorrow? What a kid can handle least, is hunger.

Some say, “Don’t you want to cultivate his habits of saving?” I laugh at this question all the time!

HE is one money magnet! With his great mathematical-brain, he decides how much he sells his toys on eBay, so that he knows how much he can get back after dividing the sale amount with his bro, and hence how much he can *Kaching* into this piggy bank.

In fact, he is a miser! *giggle* Calculative! Yup that’s him!

So am I afraid that he will not want to save up? NO!  *giggle*