Not too long ago, I did a post on how I gave my elder boy a ‘motivating‘ reason to learn spelling > so that he can read the instructions and the pop-up messages on his Facebook games.

Today I gave him an even stronger reason to learn spelling. Because of our retail background Keatkeat had seen how ‘tough‘ it was to earn just a dollar.

There are times when my boys were there with me at my stalls. Come to think of it, its been 2+years that I have not lived that kind of stressful lifestyle already! Yippee!

So Binbin was about 2+ and Keatkeat was 3+ during that time. Binbin would naturally pass a ‘bowl‘ to anyone who comes to my stall and Keatkeat would ask very politely “You want to buy earrings from my Mommy ah?”

*huge laugh*


They watched. They learned. They followed.

So since young, they learned that money is attained through hardwork. Through hours of standing. Through staying away from the comfort of home. Through late night setup and dismantle of the stalls….

After I started blogging, I understand that in this new century, passive income is so easily achievable. You earn when you sleep!

So today, while Keatkeat is doing his last piece of worksheet, something he always choose to procrastinate in doing > writing a story of something; I gave him another reason why spelling IS important.

He is a one sentence kind of kid. Simply said ‘He is lazy’. Who’s not?! *wink*

“Keatkeat, do you know why are you doing this? Do you know why is it important to do this?”

“Don’t Know.”

“Look at the number of lines given to you. Remember when you were in K1, there were only 3 lines. Now you have 6 lines for you to write. Very soon, when you learn more words and able to spell more words on your own, you will be writing 10 lines, 1 page, 3 pages…. and very soon, you will be writing a BOOK!

A book that you can put on bookshelves in bookshops to sell. So while you are taking your nap, people are buying your books from the bookshops! While you are sleeping, your money is going into your bank account. *Kaching Kaching Kaching*.

You don’t need to go out and meet clients like your papa. You don’t need to spend time infront of the computer like mommy, but you have money coming into your bank account when you are sleeping. All you need to do is go to the ATM and withdraw the money to buy…..”

“My toys!!! Yeah!!! I like that!! Ok, I will write a long story today….”

And for the first time, he wrote 4 descriptive sentences willingly! *wink*