Hi everyone, I know I’m guilty of not popping over your blog for the past few days…… Please charge me guilty. Since Thursday, I’ve been helping one of my retail friend at her outdoor store (because she don’t have enough staff), under the intense heat and 12hours of standing, my body almost cracked into pieces. I promise I’ll regain my energy and pop over to see what you wonderful-great-funny-lovable people have been up to for the past few days ok?

I’m so glad I’m out of this business already, come to think of it, I’m impressed with my own stamina in the past where I could do that EVERY SINGLE DAY without rest!

Ok, I’ve got to get ready to go over to my in-law house now. So see you guys real soon (over at your place blog). And I know I still owe some of you some answers to your questions….give me time to recuperate first (from the hard work) ok? *wink*