Backdated Post : Tuesday 17th April 2012

I was rather upset when the school decided to put ‘permanent‘ name-tags on all school uniforms and PE attire this year.

Keatkeat and Binbin are of the same size even though they are 18 months apart. Without ‘permanent‘ name-tags sewn on the school uniforms and PE attire, they can wear each other’s PE attire because their PE days fall on different days.

However, with this new rule, they cannot. And on rainy days, it becomes quite a challenge.

Today, we decided to put a stop to the uncalled-for-stress-on-rainy-days. So I had to make a special trip down to the school to buy an extra PE attire for Keatkeat. The uncle who sells them are only there on Tuesday and Thursday.

All was well. After buying the PE attire, I took pains to search for his extra name-tags among the messy unorganised boxes (we just moved, remember?), put all the extra name-tags together with the new set of PE attire AND old set of PE attire (as a reference for the seamstress) in a plastic bag.

I realised after giving birth to my boys, my memory has been declining and thus I would take extra steps to remind myself of the things I need to do.

So I put that plastic bag on the floor beside the main door to remind myself to take it out when we fetch Binbin, so that I would remember to bring it to the seamstress right after that.

We went to fetch Binbin and came home.

Binbin bathed and we were all ready to leave the house for dinner.

Do you realised something is wrong?!

Yes, I did not pick up the plastic bag when we went to fetch Binbin, because MY REMINDER WAS NOT THERE when we went out to fetch Binbin. That is how terrible my memory is, out of sight IS out of mind.

Suddenly, I remembered about going to the seamstress because Keatkeat has PE lesson tomorrow, Wednesday 18th April.

I turned towards Allan and asked, “Did you bring the plastic bag which I put on the floor beside the main door to the car just now when we fetch BinBin? The plastic bag has Keatkeat’s new PE attire and old PE attire and the whole lot of name-tags in it.”

Allan screamed! “NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!! I thought it was rubbish and I threw it away!”

His face turned white as he slapped his forehead with his two hands. My face colour mirrored his!

My heart dropped!

“NO! You Didn’t!!!” I screamed back.

“Yes! I did!” Allan with his pale face screamed back.

“Don’t play leh!” I was hoping for a miracle. Allan and I love to tease each other and likes to give each other such panic attacks. Its our way of spicing up our relationship.

“NO! Really!!!! This time not playing!!! I really thought it was rubbish because you always put plastic bag of rubbish beside the door for me to throw when I leave the house for the past few days. So I thought it was rubbish and I didn’t check!” He exclaimed.


Me: “Can we go to the ground floor rubbish chute and find it back?”

Allan: “No. This place is unlike our old place, it is locked.”

Immediately, I picked up the phone and called the uncle who sells the PE attire, hoping to go down to his house or something to buy one set from him and at the same time order a new pack of name-tags.

“Cannot lah. I will be in school on Thursday. Come look for me on Thursday.” He replied nonchalantly after I telling him the blunder we made.

Only 7 days in this new temporary home and we received such a big wake up call. *laugh*

We are still getting used to this new life of taking rubbish out of the house, to the common rubbish chute, which is why I decided to come up with this system of double plastic bagging the rubbish, so that no smell would leak, put it on the floor beside the main door for Allan to throw the next morning when he fetches Keatkeat to school.

This system DEFINITELY worked for Allan! *laugh* Now, it has become Plastic Bag tied up on the floor beside main door = THROW!


Well, as we were all hungry. We left for dinner without saying another word after the phone call with the uncle.

Allan apologised for not checking and I apologised for not putting my ‘Reminder‘ at a better place when we hopped into the car.

Now that I know what-used-to-work-in-my-old-house-doesn’t-work-in-this-new-temporary-home, I have decided to tie whatever that I need to remember (to bring out) onto my slingbag instead.

Guessed he wouldn’t throw that away too! I hope! *laugh*

At the end of it, lots of inconvenience were caused and money lost, but we still laughed the matter off. That is what a couple should be, right? *smile*

*****Keatkeat wore Binbin’s PE attire, with Binbin’s name on it, to school on Wednesday, 18th April 2012.

Sorry KeatKeat….

NO! You Didn’t!!!