8th February – Reunion Dinner with Yi-Zhang and Ah-Yi

Binbin was having sore throat since morning, but he wanted to be in school to watch the Chinese New Year performance; so I popped a piece of lozenges into his mouth to sooth his throat before we left home at 7am.

When we went to fetch him from school 6 hours later, it was raining dragons and dinosaurs! It was then that he caught a cold and a simple sore throat gone bad. He was having fever, blocked nose and cough.

With Chinese New Year just round the corner, we drove straight to the clinic to grab some medication quickly so that he could recover in time to celebrate the festive season.

After medication and a nap. He seemed ok.

Yet, just before we left the house to have reunion dinner with their Yi-Zhang and Ah-Yi, his fever came back. Immediately, I gave him another  dose of paracetamol to bring down the temperature.

He was all well at Paradise Inn, just that his appetite was not at its peak that night.

 photo reuniondinnersis1_zps3d7f4363.jpg

 photo reuniondinnersis2_zps5ca8e53c.jpg

It was our first time at Paradise Inn, but not for my food queen sister. So we simply let her decide on what we should eat that night.

Glorious Food.
Brilliant Taste.
*Thumbs Up*

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After a sumptuous meal, everyone got back to my house to have some Xbox fun till almost 1am! *laugh*

It was around 12midnight that Binbin started to feel very unwell again. This time he vomited when he took the medication. Nothing from the dinner was vomited out. So I think he probably jumped too much when he was playing Dance Central 3 on Xbox that caused him to have this regurgitation.

Thank goodness the vomiting stopped after it hit my 7 year old twice.
Then off to bed he went….while his brother continued to dance to his heart’s content!

9th February – Reunion Dinner with Grandparents

Binbin’s sickness was like yo-yo.
It gets well after medication.
But bounce back up the moment the medication’s ‘power‘ subsides and that made me wanted to keep him at home so that he would not spread the virus to the rest of the kids at my in-law’s house.

However, Allan felt otherwise.
He thinks that my MIL would be even more unhappy to have missing family members for reunion dinner.
So I just follow suit and we went over for our once a year reunion dinner.

As usual, it was a good spread of ingredients for steamboat at my in-laws’ place. Another great few hours spent between the kids and their grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins.

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 photo rdmil1_zps6b034cae.jpg

Did you have a joyous time having reunion dinner with your family?
We sure did!

Here’s wishing one and all a very happy and prosperous year of the snake!
Huat Ah!




Reunion DinnerS 2013 – Year of the Snake