More than just a Fall


Red is an auspicious colour during Chinese New Year. Oh well, on the 12th day of Chinese New Year, we had RED indeed!

Bloody Red! *super eyes rolled*

[For my non-Chinese readers, we celebrate Chinese New Year for 15 days.]

Never did we expect a fall during a soccer game at the parade square in school during recess could cause my Binbin to be in this state:


He fell on 2nd March and my thoughtful boy did not want us to worry, he limped all the way home from school. Thereafter, he could not straightened his right leg at all. After putting Aloe Gel on his wound 2x, the exterior was healing fast. Just before we could celebrate, he knocked that wounded knee onto the edge of his wooden study table. My heart felt like it was stabbed by a thousand knives when I saw him burst into tears!!!

This was how it looked when he came home from school:


After knocking on the edge of the table, it became this:


*sigh* Then on, he limped even more. His fall in school also hurt his hip and his elbow, but they were just bruises without blood, unlike his knee. When he rests his arm on the edge of the table while doing his school homework, he would scratch the tender elbow occasionally, causing him to twitch in pain. When I held his hand and my hand hit his hip accidentally, he would “tsk” in pain too. In short, he is almost untouchable!

Every move of mine must be made with extra care when I am near him.

After 1 more application of the Aloe Gel at night, I sent him to bed. The next morning, the layer of dried blood was well formed and Binbin could stroke the so-called wound without going “tsk” or “ahhh” in pain.

However, I noticed that he had to bend his knee more than the previous day and the injured area started to swell!


I realised that I was wrong to think that it was recovering. The exterior yes, BUT NOT THE INTERIOR. I do not want him to limp in school with that heavy school bag. Furthermore, his classroom is at level 4 !!! Taking the lift in school is not an option for the students unless he/she is on crutches or has a medical certificate to prove that he/she cannot climb the stairs or there is special permission granted by the teacher.

Hence, I decided to let Binbin stay at home to rest, instead of putting him at risk of hurting himself again, especially when limping was still his way of moving around.

Binbin was holding onto walls and furniture as he limped around the house. His limping got worse as the swelling grew. Something was very very wrong. After discussing with Allan, we decided to bring him to KK hospital at 10pm+.

I wanted to go with them so badly, but I could not because its unfair to make Kitkit stay at home alone or keep him awake if we bring him along to the hospital with us; remembering that he still has school the following day. So I stayed at home while Allan drove Binbin to the A&E.

Though my body was not in the hospital, my mind was… Totally cannot concentrate on anything while I was at home. Kept holding onto my phone and waiting for my Watsapp tone to ring. Hoping for updates, ANY UPDATES, from Allan…

Allan knows me well and gave me updates often; big or small, or even when there’s nothing at all, he would send photos to me….

fall5 fall6 fall7 fall8

After the X-Ray result was out, the doctor said there were too much blood ‘blocking‘ the view. The ‘too much blood’ resulted in the swelling and the visibility of the bone was affected too as a result. The doctor could not see if there were any hairline fractures on the bone. However, he told Allan to rest assured that there were no major damage done to the bone. In order to know if there are any hairline fractures, Binbin needs to go back for another X-Ray a week later. By then, hopefully the ‘too much blood’ would be gone.

To prevent hurting the injured area, Binbin had to be on cast till the next visit. *heart drop*


And crutches will be his new toy……….

fall9b fall9

*heart pain*

I told Allan to inform me when he has parked his car at our place, so that I could go down to help to hold Binbin or help to carry things. When I went down, I saw an exhausted Father and Son. Binbin tried to walk with his crutches, but he was so tired and was not used to it, he made a few baby steps and lost balance!!! Thank goodness I was there to hold him! I could not imagine what would happen if he had another fall !

Another fall was the last thing I want on my wishlist, hence I told Allan to carry him home, while I carry everything else: medication, bag, right shoe, pants etc.

Doing such things at almost 1.30am is both tiring and heart aching….

Oh Well, I always tell myself that NO MATTER how bad things may seem, there is always something to rejoice in.

Thus, I have to say I am very grateful that no operation whatsoever was required and my dear Binbin can be home safely, sleeping on his bed and I get to be with him as he takes each restricted step for the next 7 days….



PS : We put the phone beside him on purpose; for him to call us, in case he needed to go to the toilet in the middle of the night.

As a result, the next X-ray is scheduled on 11th March and Binbin is on Medical Leave till 12th March. If the second X-ray turns out well, he should be back in school by then, otherwise… Hmmmm…. he would be having extended ‘school holidays’.

As much as he loves skipping school, this is definitely NOT one of the way….


More than just a Fall

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Christmas 2014

Special Moments

Christmas 2014 was very special for us.
Will elaborate as we go along.
However, before I get to what we did or did not do this year, let us turned back the clock and go back to Christmas 2013.

Kitkit and Binbin were so eager to put up the Christmas Tree, they requested to do it ALL BY THEMSELVES!
And they did it Sooooooooo WELL!!!

Their effort was a Perfect Score, but not the Christmas Tree.
This Christmas Tree had been with me for a Very Long Time!
Its been so long that I cannot even remember whether it was purchased by my mother or my father.
I was still in my Teens when this Christmas Tree became our must-have on every Christmas Day.

xm2013-9 xm2013-7

As my boys put up the branches, the plastic twigs and the plastic leaves started to break.
It has served us well.
Its time came for it to say Goodbye…
The boys did not want to stop fixing it, even though many parts were incomplete.
(I’m a great camera woman aren’t I, you can’t tell from the photos, right? *laugh*)

They persevered and their efforts paid off!


The Christmas Tree was Thrown, right after the 12th Day of Christmas in 2013 ended.

So, Christmas this year was very special for us, no Christmas Tree at all.
Did we plan to buy?
We did.
But somehow, no tree came into our house this year.

Alright, enough about that non-living thing.
Let’s talk about the living humans!

This year, Christmas celebration began on 21st December with my in-law’s at Sakura @ Tampines. We reached there at about 6.30pm and left the place at around 9.15pm!!! Can you imagine how many rounds we had that night?! Tummies were Full to the Max!
From a restaurant full of people, to a restaurant that was almost empty! We sat there for so long!
Kids had no problem digesting the food with the after-meal games. As for the adults, we just sat and chatted at the long table. Me? I had no problem releasing in the Ladies and came back for more rounds at the buffet! *huge laugh* Which is why, I do have a mini-nickname : “Buffet Queen” *bleh*

pc2 pc3



Christmas 2014 morning was spent in Church. This was the first time the kids get to watch a drama put up by the church. Another thing to add on to their first-time list. *smile*
Kitkit’s reaction to the whole Christmas service was beyond my expectation. He actually tried to sing along and he paid attention to practically everything that went on during the 2 hour service. Well Done boy! So proud of you!

Christmas 2014 afternoon was a simple ‘Roasted Lunch’ at a very famous Roasted Meat Stall at Serangoon. The queue was so long, its pretty incredible for a stall to have such crowd when it is almost out of sight when you drive pass it. Christmas is about new beginnings and it was cool to try out new yummies on this day.



Believe it or not, the rest of the afternoon, Allan and I were busy cleaning up our house.
We even sanitized the air in our house!
*laugh* Who does that on Christmas Day?!
Well, We Did!
All because we were looking forward to see our cutie niece!
Its the First Time she is celebrating Christmas with us; Wait A Minute! Or should it be, its our first time celebrating Christmas with her……errrr… Whatever! :P




Allan and I were so eager to carry her, but she needed time to be familiar with the 4 new faces in the house first.
Thus, I was waiting patiently, but Allan was going all out with tricks and toys to coax her.
The moment Binbin appeared, my niece LIKED him immediately and held Binbin’s index finger for a very long time!!!
Awwwww……..Allan and I were sooooo jealous!!!
*sob sob*

Oh well, patience paid off for the 2 ‘older folks’, just before she left our house, both of us get to carry her!




As usual, my boys’ Christmas Wishes came true. Thank you Uncles and Aunties for fulfilling their requests.
Such a HUGE Contrast between the wishes of my two boys, right?

p2 p3

This year, I received a surprise present from Allan.
Nope, its NOT Tangible!
It was so sweet of him to watsapp me my favourite Little Twins Stars Christmas Greeting.
Ain’t I an ‘easily-coaxable’ wifey?
*huge laugh*



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