I tried to wean my boys off the milk bottle mid last year when Binbin had a great fall, which ended with cracked lips and swollen gums. It was very bad and I just realised I did not blog about it! *eyes rolled*

Anyway, I took that opportunity to wean my boys off the bottle. Its pointless to wean one and not the other when the one that is ‘suffering’ can see his sibling sucking the milk bottle teat in pleasure.

The off-bottle days lasted 2 weeks only. Thereafter, Binbin lost interest in milk completely! That is the LAST thing I want. Milk is so important to a child’s early stages. He did NOT ask for the bottle either. He just completely lost interest in the white dope altogether. *frowned*

But I followed my 6th sense: passed him the bottle after 1 week of milk-less days……. And the milk drinking routine came back….but back to the bottle again. *sigh*

So what happened this time which kept their bottle away for so long?

Well, in late March, one teat broke. They refused to ‘taste each other’s saliva’ and I honestly have no idea whose teat it belonged to PLUS, my deliberate excuse of “Sorry boys I forgot to buy a new teat.” kept them away from sucking till now. *Yippee*

So its 2 months in and counting….. *fingers and toes crossed*