I started to train my boys to bathe on their own when they were 3 years old. I taught them, I demonstrated to them because we bathed together and I corrected them.

After 1 month of training which happened 2 years ago, Binbin had no problem, as usual, when it comes to learning survival skills. There is no issue of too much soap taken or too short rinsing time. Back then, when he was only 3 years old, his only issue was not wiping himself dry ‘enough’ after the shower. *smile*


*Deep Breath*

As for Keatkeat….I started training him 3 years ago…. but he did not take one month to master…. *sigh*

Or maybe I should not sigh, I should be celebrating because FINALLY!!!! After practising for 3 years! He can bathe on this own without me nagging:

“too little shampoo…”
“shampoo your whole head! Not just this two parts…”
“if you don’t go under the water how are you going to wash your hair?…”
“you’ve forgotten to put soap here, and here and here and….”
“there is still soap on your body, how can you say you are done?….”

And FINALLY after practising for 3 years, I NO longer see these scenes:

He used to wash his hair as if they were porcuppines’ spikes! Touching them seems to hurt him! *eyes rolled*

He caress his hair as if a slight force would cause him to be bald!!! *super eyes rolled*

He only shampoos his ‘horns’! Every other part of his head is un-shampooed! *pout*

Washing his own rear area made him feel like he had to drown himself into the sewage! *shake head*

Putting his head under the water raining down from the shower cap made him feel like he is going to give up his spirit any moment. *double shake head*


FINALLY all these are over!

Since 3 years ago, I gradually moved from bathing with them together, to checking on them on alternate days, to weeks, to alternate weeks, to the current monthly checks. I am happy with my achievements.

I am proud to tell people that my younger one Binbin, had been bathing independently since he was 3. When I meanAs for Keatkeat, though he needed 3 years of practise, I am still happy that he finally did it!. *smile*

The days whereby no more spot-checks are needed is round the corner….

*clap clap clap*