M.I.A, my excuse reason? I was bedridden. Yes, the nurse has collapsed.

On Tuesday 4.30am, I was still sponging Keatkeat to get his fever down. Not too much of the hives thing now, but his fever seem to have a habit of visiting him at night.

At 7am I was supposed to wake him up for school. Instead, I couldn’t move myself. Tweety birds were chipping and flying around my head. My whole body was aching right to my toes.

With all my might, tapped onto Allan’s arm and plead, “I’m really sick, feeling giddy, bring Keatkeat to school.”

After depositing Keatkeat, the still-sick-Allan came back to give me a full hour of sponging, Binbin was stroking my hair…my chest…my face, “Mommy….you better now….like that you feel better now?…..” only after an hour did my temperature dropped down to 37.8 Degrees Celsius. For that hour, I wished I was sick forever…..(It must be the fever that’s making me think weird thoughts.)

Ever since it started, I have been having yo-yo fever. I don’t remember feeling so terrible when I had fever, or maybe I’ve forgotten, it’s been a hundred year since I last had fever.

What’s killing me isn’t the heat, its the pain from my back and my head. I couldn’t lie down, sit up, walk in baby steps, stand with full support, there simply isn’t a comfortable position.

Now that I am feeling more like a human, put up a quick post to say I am still alive and kicking, just that it isn’t with the-striker-kick-to-the-goal-post kind of strength.

Thank you everyone, hives are far away from my boys now, since medication won’t help their condition, it must have been the invisible power from all your well-wishes that cured them. Thank You…..