If you decide to give formula and breastmilk to your baby, you may face a serious problem which I did for my elder boy.

Firstly, by doing that, you cut down on the frequency of your baby sucking from your breast directly and that will eventually cut down on the supply of the breastmilk. Remember, feed more = more breastmilk supply.

Then the softness of the teat from the bottle and your nipple is very different, so you will be confusing the baby especially in the first few days. Then this will lead to ‘incooperation’ from your baby when you attempt to breastfeed.

Moreover, the flow milk from the teat and the flow from you nipple is also different. If either one gives him a better flow (because now he have comparison), he will want that and for the 1st few days, the flow from your breast may ‘lose out’ to the teat.

For my case, my elder boy was so attached to the bottle teat because droplets of milk trickle down from the teat even though he was not sucking; yes he was a ‘lazy’ baby, so he refused to ‘work hard’ to suck during nursing.

Many says that in order to keep up with the supply, mummies can pump out the breastmilk when the baby ‘overslept’ his feeding time. This did not work out for my cousin, who successfully breastfed her boy for 12months. And this definitely did not work out for me either. Our milk supply is lower when we expressed it out. The worst part was, we, the mummies, ended up drinking our expressed milk because our babies did not like it expressed out at all! They simply refused to drink.

Luckily in Singapore, the government give all mothers 3 months of maternity leave. When your baby is 3 months old already, it will be easier to get him to adapt to the formula feeding and breastmilk feeding combination.

So i strongly recommend all mothers should breastfeed completely for at least 3 months. Do not need to buy any bottles till you are ready to get back to work. Remember? You do not even need to feed the baby water, so there is no need for bottle.

By fully breastfeeding, you are actually saving hundreds and hundreds of dollars spent on formula, wouldn’t that be nice to use these money to buy toys and beautiful clothes for your baby?

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