Times have changed. Fashion have changed too. Even our basic living is different from the past. When the environment is different, our thinking changes too. But what about our values as parents and the way we teach our kids?

In the past, many of my grannies’ generation strongly believes that when you spare the rod, you spoil the child. In the olden times, canning a child in school is so common. Now, even when the teacher raised his/her voice at the student, he/she may be in danger of losing his/her job.

Today, Allan told me a story of his friend’s daughter, 14 years old. She had just received a final warning from the school principal. Why? Here’s the story….

“She doesn’t have any extra-curriculum activities, the school insists that its a must for all students to have at least one of such activities. She chose Girl-Scout. The teacher told her that she needed to go through an interview before she can join. Her reply, “No! I am not going for any interview, I have decided to join Girl-Scout and that’s final. If you don’t allow me to join the team, then, forget it, I’ll NOT be joining ANYTHING ELSE.” The teacher tried to explain nicely, but she walked off.

Then she started to bully students who are younger than her. There was a particular girl, a year younger than her, she disliked very much. On her blog, she wrote, FOR FREE F#*K, CALL SO-&-SO AT THIS MOBILE NUMBER. Man! Did that poor girl got lots of nuisance call? You Bet!

Allan’s friend, the teenager’s dad, confiscated her computer and started to read her blog as well as check on all the recent sites she has been to. None of the sites were meant for a young girl like her (that is if you know what I mean). The most heart-breaking info her dad found out was his eldest daughter actually went for a tattoo. She had a dolphin tattooed on her right waist.

Allan’s friend isn’t someone with a good temper, so heated quarrel went on for days…..”

Which kid would dare to argue with the teacher in the past? Which child would dare to do such a thing to their younger schoolmates in the past? Never! Are the kids of today harder to discipline? Or are the parents not getting involved enough with their child’s progress?