I had one of the most amazing time at my cousin’s house yesterday. Being with people who took care of me when I was a tiny little baby is an indescribable joy. The extend of joy is a direct connection to the amount of food I eat. Hence to maintain my figure, its wiser to feel miserable more often. *laugh*

Yesterday marked the end of my Chinese New Year visitings. Tonight we will allow the boys to open their Hong Baos. For the first time, we decided not to put ALL their Hong Baos’ money into their Bank account.

Feeling generous, we would like the kids to enjoy their rewards; nope, not all of it; BUT HALF OF IT. The other half will still go to their bank account.

They can use the 50% to get ANYTHING they want, provided its within the amount they have in their pockets. Neither Allan nor I will top up any amount, if they chose to buy something beyond what they could afford.

I love the idea!

Nope! I don’t think they are too young….

When I was my boys’ age, all my Hong Baos’ money were ‘re-cycled’ by my mother; since she had to give Hong Baos to other children too. It was till I was in Secondary School before I could keep ALL my Hong Baos. I do not blame my mother for doing so, cos’ its quite a hefty amount just by giving Hong Baos on CNY.

What your style? Do you allow your kids to keep the money? Spend the money? Or do you ‘re-cycle’ them too?