I converse in Chinese more than English with Allan and among my close friends. However reading Chinese words takes alot out of me. Seriously, it really sucks out a good amount of energy from me. I am so thankful that I managed to pass my Chinese language every year during schooling time.

Yet, today, I made an EXTRA effort to finish reading this Chinese poem I saw on the Internet because it is really meaningful:

For my readers who do not read Chinese words, let me try to translate the above in English:

Told You but Don’t Listen
Listened yet Don’t Understand
Don’t Understand yet Don’t Ask
Asked already yet Don’t Do
Did already but Done Wrongly
Did Wrongly yet Don’t Admit
Admitted Mistake but Don’t Correct
Corrected yet Not Convinced
Unconvinced yet Don’t Voice Out

Do you feel so about your child sometimes?

Do you know that that is how our children feel about us sometimes too?

Parenting is a two way thing.
Are you behaving the way YOU want YOUR CHILD to behave in the first place?

How often does your child say: “Mummy/Daddy come! I want to show you this.”
And your answer is “Wait ah! Let me finish ‘this’ first.”

How often do you tell your child: “Ah boy/Ah girl, go bath now.”
And his/her is “Wait ah! Let me finish building this Lego aeroplane first or Let me finish watching this cartoon first.”

Can you see?
Its the SAME!

So the next time your child answers you in that way, ask yourself, did you respond to your child, in the same way too, when he/she wanted you to do something?

Do you like it?

If not, then its time to CHANGE YOUR HABITS, before you have the right to change your child’s habits.

Setting a GOOD ROLE MODEL for our children is not as easy as ABC, because we are humans and humans are GREAT at finding excuses.

Children are God’s gift to us, to make us a better Parent,…. a better Person.




Do You Feel So About Your Child?