Phone rang at the ‘usual time’, after school….
Kitkit: “Mummy, we are waiting for bus now.”
Me: “Ok.”
Kitkit: “Mummy, you need to buy a new Xbox CD already.”
Me: “Huh? Why?”
Kitkit: “Binbin scored Full Marks for his Maths Test. You promised to buy the Lego Marvel Hero Xbox game if any of us scored Full Marks for our Maths Test.”
Me: “Oh! Good! ok……”

Both Kitkit and Binbin are good in their Maths.
I do NOT need them to be great.
“Good” is enough to make my life alot easier when guiding them through their Maths topics.
I am very contented and blessed.
What kills their marks during Maths Tests or Exams is their CARELESS MISTAKES, which EVERY NORMAL KID would make, every now and then.

Probably because I used to be a Maths tutor, I know that with Kitkit’s and Binbin’s level of understanding of the subject, they are able to get full marks for Maths, IF THEY ARE NOT TOO COMPLACENT!

I give reward for GOOD BEHAVIOUR and GOOD ATTITUDE, because these will be with them for the rest of their lives. These mold their characters and thoughts, so they will grow up to be men with good virtues.

As for studies, I do NOT give reward for good grades, because I had NEVER set expectations for them with regards to their studies, except for Chinese.
I need them to PASS their Chinese Paper, so that the marks will NOT pull down the good grades of other subjects by too much, especially during the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).
However, over the years in Primary School, somehow, Kitkit and Binbin realised that having a PASS for their Chinese papers no longer makes them happy. They strive for more, thanks to Peer Pressure.
Their ATTITUDE towards Chinese has improved by the years, which is such a relief! I NO longer need to BEG them to do their Chinese schoolwork.

Every now and then, when the boys want something which I am unwilling to buy/pay, because of the cost of it, I would often brush them off by saying, “Get Full Marks for Your Maths Paper and I will get ‘that’ for you.”

At the back of my head, I know they have the capability; but at the same time, I know they lack the humility when they are doing their Maths paper and hence their complacency will cause them to lose marks through careless mistakes made when answering the questions.

Being fully aware of their potential, whenever I give them that challenge, I am already prepared for that the day to come.
I waited for that day to arrive for Kitkit.
He is in Primary 5 now and has yet to claim his prize.
When Kitkit knew that Binbin, in Primary 3, received Full Marks for his Maths Paper, it hurts his ego.
Kitkit: “Mummy, Binbin is good. I have not get Full Marks for my Maths Paper before. Binbin is only Primary 3 and he got his FIRST Full Marks for Maths Test. The closest I got was 98/100. One question wrong. I still remember. It was so close!”
And this was said in a sourish tone….
I think I will be hearing good news from Kitkit soon too, knowing how much he disliked the feeling of ‘losing‘ to his own younger brother.
Well, we shall see…….

Binbin: “When are we going to buy the Lego Marvel game?”
Me: “When we go out for dinner tonight.”
Super Big Grin on his face……….